Telecom Consulting Associates Attend Networking Conference

The President of Telecom Consulting discussed a recent networking conference and the benefits of adding new contacts. He also shared a few effective travel hacks for professionals.

Each quarter, members of Team Telecom Consulting attend a networking conference where they can meet and learn from some of the most successful people in the customer acquisition industry. Alex, the firm’s President, stated, “The most recent conference was held in Dallas, Texas, and it was a rewarding experience for our associates. They came back to our office freshly inspired to set and achieve lofty goals.”

The weekend in Dallas was filled with unique learning opportunities. Alex remarked, “We met all kinds of successful people who have taken different paths to where they are now. Just being exposed to new approaches to customer acquisitions is enough to inspire our associates. When we returned to Telecom Consulting HQ, there was definitely a feeling of excitement. We know our collaboration will be streamlined thanks to what we learned from highly accomplished pros.”

Getting away from the office as a team also opens the door to stronger personal bonds. “We learn more about each other’s personalities when we hit the road together,” Alex noted. “With more insight into the unique talents and positive traits we have on our team, we’re better equipped to deliver winning results for our national service partners.”

Telecom Consulting’s President Offers a Few Tips for Smoother Travel

With so many chances to practice, Telecom Consulting executives have become expert business travelers. This is partly due to the collected wisdom Alex has gathered through his experiences on the road. He stated, “I’ve picked up a few tricks of the travel trade, and I’m always happy to share them with our newer team members before they head out to a big industry function such as the Dallas networking conference.”

When flying to an event, Alex recommends downloading the airline’s app. He explained, “Airlines go out of their way to offer value through these apps, so they’re well worth having. You can get real-time updates on delays and gate changes, along with a paperless boarding system that can really come in handy. These resources add a little extra peace of mind when flying out to a big event.”

Alex also suggests having a separate bag ready to go at all times. He said, “If you’re packed with appropriate travel-sized amenities and a set of clothes, you’re always ready to venture away from home. This is also one of the easiest ways to avoid accidentally bringing liquids or shampoos that go over the 3.4-ounce limit. It basically saves a lot of potential headaches that can come with short flights.”

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